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Welcome to Grievance Gaming's World of Warcraft Affiliate.


World of Warcraft: Thrall Server

     We’ve had another great quarter over in the WoW Horde guild over on Thrall. We have had a good number of people join our ranks including new and existing Grievance members. As a result of our increase in numbers, Shadowborn and Nebukenezzar have been promoted to the position of Task Leader to assist the other officers in providing for our guild members.

Congratulations guys!

    Our guild members have been busy with all sorts of fun stuff, from running old raids for achievements and transmog sets to assisting each other with getting leveled and geared up. We’ve started running Flex raids (with groups ranging from 12 to 17 members) at least two times a week and are working toward getting a second group together to run Flex for our weekend warriors.

     Recently, our WoW community has been buzzing about the new expansion expected to be released summer 2014. At Blizzcon in November, Blizzard announced the expansion titled Warlords of Draenor. As players adventure on Draenor, they will be able to enjoy new player models for Vanilla WoW races, one character upgrade to Level 90, player housing in the form of Garrisons, an extension of the Flex raiding system for Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic raids, and the introduction of 20-man Mythic raid level for top end raiders.

    As we await the new expansion, we will be busy bringing Garrosh Hellscream to justice, working on both individual and guild achievements for previous content, and enjoying everything else that WoW has to offer.

- Beriothien, Council Guild Leader Representative & WoW Horde Guild Leader