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Welcome to the Grievance SW:TOR Affiliates (Republic and Imperial)

The Republic division continues to roll along! We've seen a sizable influx of new faces recently, plus a few old friends have returned to the fold to rejoin the fun. Our raid teams have cleared Hard Mode of both Terror from Beyond and Scum & Villainy, so we're working on progression in HM Dread Fortress with Dread Palace to follow. As always, huge thanks go to our officers for their hard work and dedication to the guild.

     We've recently seen the release of patch 2.5, which includes several class balance changes alongside the subscriber early-access period for the new expansion, Galactic Starfighter. The expansion features free-roaming 12-on-12 PvP space battles with its own progression and reward system completely distinct from the "ground game". Preferred players will gain access in January, while the full release (and patch 3.0) will launch February 4th. All are welcome to stop by the Jedi Covenant server and join in the fun!

- Padraic, Council Scribe & SWTOR Republic Guild Leader



     Hello from the Shadowlands (Imperial Affiliate). It’s been quiet around here with the holiday season.

     We have been running 16 man ops getting the new members geared out. We have the first boss in Hard Mode Fortress down and are close on the first boss in Hard Mode Palace.

    As soon as everyone gets settled back in after the 1st we look to move onward and kick some tail.

- Rockon/Rocketdeath, SWTOR Imperial Guild Leader