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 Welcome to the Grievance Star Citizen Affiliate Portal.

     By the latest count in Grievance’s Star Citizen embassy, fifteen members have already reserved ships and committed to flying as part of our fleet. Arleeya has done a great job posting info, links and listing our members and their ships in preparation for release. Our Debuffed: The Star Citizen Report Twitchcast has proven to be one of our most popular shows. (Broadcast every other Saturday at 6pm CST.) New ships are being introduced, and folks can’t refuse some like the Constellation, especially when they’re described as a cross between Millenium Falcon and Serenity. A crowd of gamers have brought public funding around the 34 million mark. In the near future, those of us who have backed the game will be able to participate in a dogfighting alpha and walk planetside well before the game hits store shelves. In the latest news, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) will be rolling out guild/organization functionality on their website in January. While not all of their functions will be available at the start, organizations will be able to form before the game even at this early stage.

     What helps set Star Citizen apart as an example to future games is the way they have done business based on their fans and Chris Roberts’ vision. From the start, Roberts’ knew the way to keep a fanbase motivated and interested is to make them feel a part of the team. He cited previous game examples where public funding started production but the game shut its fans out and suffered. The current Star Citizen fanbase may still offer rants on their forums from the info presented, but they can’t deny they’ve had more input and behind-the-scenes peeks than any pre-alpha game has ever offered.

      One of the first examples came not long after Kickstarter. CIG offered fans the chance to vote on the best concept artwork to represent some of the ships in production. In a twist of fate, one of the more well-known models became infamous for changes voted by the fans. Chris Roberts preferred a Freelancer that had a large, bubble-domed cockpit for greater visibility, but the fans voted for a version with smaller windows more reminiscent of the US space shuttles. Later, fans were treated with a pre-alpha chance to walk around their personal hangars and experience their ships. Complaints poured in about a support strut that blocked some forward visibility from the pilots’ seat…a strut that had been a fan-voted design.

      Aside from that criticism, Star Citizen has offered the fan base more direct chances to impact the shape of their universe. The firing range introduced on Nov 26th, talked about on our Debuffed webcast, was voted by fans as something they wanted for the hangar back during the $20 million announcement. Polls during the recent stretch goals gave gamers a chance to pick what type ship they wanted to see next. A mining ship became the first pick, followed shortly afterward by the next top choices. CIG offered modders and artists a chance to compete and contribute with “The Next Great Starship” contest. So far, 138 teams from 18 countries are competing for a $30,000 prize.

     Even this input doesn't compare to some of the other surprises in the Star Citizen universe. Along the way, the developers have asked the fans questions to help create the lore of the game! What persons and events have shaped the Murray Cup race? What are the rules, origin, and teams of Sataball? What are the smaller scale criminal organizations in the universe? With each submitted answer, gamers have begun to shape the lore of the game and even design the futuristic sport Sataball! The crowd has not only thrown massive support behind this non-publisher title, but has also been invited to participate. Will this set an example for future game development?

- Thamin, Rift Recruiting Officer & Debuffed: The Star Citizen Report Co-Host