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Welcome to the Grievance Neverwinter Online Affiliate.

Welcome from Protectors Enclave in Neverwinter Online.

     First I would like to list all the officers and say thank you for all the work you put in without you we would not have the great group of people and friends that we have.

Guild Leader: Doceck
Executive Officer: Lord Scythe
Recruiting Officer: Shadowqueen
Task Leader: Ubermonkeyking1
Task Leader: Magjik
Task Leader: Striatedmonk
Task Leader: Grady

     There has been a lot of exciting and positive things going on with Neverwinter. To start with they have merged all the servers together into one meaning all players can play all their toons with Grievance. This has allowed us to increase our recruiting efforts since we don’t have to worry about the different servers. We have been seeing an influx of new faces and names each week as well as seeing a lot of old faces coming back into the game again.

     Why all of this excitement you ask? The answer is Shadowmantle, the second expansion for Neverwinter. It includes what everyone has been waiting for a new class the hunter/ranger. It also includes new paragon paths for all the classes, as well as a new set of powers called artifacts. It will also have a new campaign. As of the time of this writing it has not been released but is scheduled to be released on December 5th. We have been fortunate that they have let us play the new expansion on their test servers and it looks great and exciting.

     We continue to have members create missions in the foundry. The foundry is an area where you can design your own quest for other players to play.

     We are still doing weekly events. Our largest is our Friday night Grievance vs Grievance PVP. We also have a schedule Tuesday night dungeon runs. We have members on doing events every night so come check us out. Neverwinter is free to download and play so go download it now at http://nw.perfectworld.com.

- Doceck, Neverwinter Online Guild Leader