The History

This has been posted a few times in this game and others, but as the guild grows so does Grievance's story of honor and perseverance. You all asked for here it is!!!

Steelheart's Story

Long long ago.........
Wait....different game and different part of story

It was the year 2000 and Kunark had just launched for EQ1. A friend of mine (Tras) had been pestering me for months to try out a game he was playing called Everquest. I wasn't really interested. At the time i was working 3 jobs and putting in about 100hrs a week between all of them. Eventually i read an ariticle in PC Gamer about people making RL money from selling fictional items on EBay from everquest. My curiosity was more than peeked. People were making 1000s of dollars from playing a game!

Natuarlly i called Tras and asked him to tell me about Everquest. He told me how to get started and would meet me on the 7th Hammer server and set me up with some decent gear for a starting character. Within 3 weeks i was hooked lock, stock, & barrel. I never even noticed that Sony had banned EBay sales soon You see i'm an old D&D pen/paper player from way back. Played it for years and years. Everquest was like a fantasy come alive for me. A game that totally plunged a player into another world!

I don't think i slept for 3 weeks! Every extra second i had was spent on the computer playing EQ. Soon i joined a guild called Mystic Champions (Tras was in a higher level guild at the time). They were a fun-loving guild that got together seriously once a week to raid. It was the ideal organization for a level 10 warrior to get his feet wet in a guild! Unfotunately due to RL i had to take a 2 week break from the game (fire academy class). When i got back there were only 12 of us left in a guild that had numbered well over 200 (no kidding....usually had 40-60 people on everynight). The guildleader had given leadership to a RL friend of his (level 6 necro) after the guild disolved due to a huge amount of guild drama that i guess i just never really noticed being new to guilds and all.

The new guildleader Ommeron asked if me and the others that were left would stay and help rebuild the guild. Being a relatively honorable person (and not really having many other options) i stayed on eventually working my way up to 1st officer. It was during this time that myself, Tras, & Kookus ended up being stationed together (God help Biloxi).

Biloxi used to let us bring our computers to work so myself and Tras would always bring ours. It just so happened 1 day that Tras was working on my shift and the 3 of us all ended up together. Kookus stayed up till 1am in the morn looking over our shoulders as me and Tras played. He was hooked immeadiately and went out and bought the game. His wife Kaitlyn was a bit apprehensive at first, but was playing side by side with us within a week. Shortly after we hooked Kook's brother Rufff (Ruflyfr then) on the game also. It would be the beginning of a very long lasting friendship on and offline.

We didn't all start in the same guild. Kookus, Rufff, Kaitlyn, & Tras went to a guild that Tras was already in. I still felt a loyalty to Mystic Champions and wanted to give it a shot before i left. During this time we met a really nice couple named Traycee and Sparxx. They were great players and we found ourselves constantly grping together in 1 form or another. After a couple months the seven of us got together and decided to form a guild. Sparxx suggested the name Moonshadows after an old song him and Traycee really liked. The name kinda stuck so we decided to vote on a leader. I actually voted on Tras who was 20 levels higher than the rest of us, but everyone else had voted on me. So there i was....... Leader of a real EQ guild with no idea whats-so-ever what i was Moonshadows grew quickly. Moonshadows went from 7 to 200 members in 6months. It was unbelieveble. We were a pure family guild. We held friendship and family values above all else. You couldn't go into a zone anywhere in game without seeing a fellow Moonshadow in the same zone. During this time we met great players such as Plizben, Sigmodon (then Luma), and even got a RL friend of mine (Theloneus) and my brother-in-law (Rexlo) to start playing the game. It was fun, friendly, and exciting.............yet, we were feeling like we were missing something very important in the game.

Soon a rift started to form in the guild. Half wanted to maintain the family atmosphere and half started to long for the upper end of the game. At the time we didn't realize that a combination of the 2 were possible. Sparxx became very vocal against turning the guild toward raiding and soon i found myself facing a "congress" with every decision i tried to make. After a month or 2 of this i was done. I turned over leadership to Sparxx and quit the guild. I honestly did not know if i would still play the game or not, but when i left so did the core leadership of the guild. One of the lessons we learned from this was that there can only be 1 leader. Someone has to take responcibility for the decisions made that impact a guild. Members have to see, believe, and have faith in a single leader. Someone to care, nuture, and guide a guild through the good times.........and the bad. Congresses and commitees do not work.

The date was October 15th, of the year 2000. It was unsettling to see the impact a few of us had on many. We soon met in the Tunnel of Ro to decide our fate. It was long ago and some of the names of old have slipped past memory, but it was Camlain that decided on the name GRIEVANCE. He was a heavy mental listener and loved a band called Grievance (never heard them myself). The name was different, but really resembled the mood of everyone involved at the time. We did have a Grievance against many things and we would indeed make our mark before everything was said and done. Learning from past mistakes we locked down membership right away. We did not want to grow until we had a working charter and set of rules for members to follow. It was extremely important to us for people joining the guild to know what they were getting into before they ever hit the accept button. It is a philosiphy that has lasted up to this day. If you are upfront and honest with your members and not only set the rules, but set the example of following them, you will indeed build a strong base of trust that will unite and inspire an organisation to great things.

Grievance was designed from the onset to be a hardcore raiding guild. Everything we did was to better grievance in this aspect. There was little or no time for family atmosphere in the game and RL suffered greatly as we dedicated ourselves more and more to this goal. We grew slowly, but steadily. Because of our charter our members were very like minded and we progressed at a good pace. Raiding was completely new to us so we had alot to learn, but learn we did. It was during this time we met Canamorti (tokemn), Zrax (Tuldin), Ockow, & Tarien. They came from another guild that merged into us a year or 2 after Grievance was created. Our raids started out modest. We would hit Kael once or twice a week for class quest armor and then other raids were focused on getting members progressed toward their epic weapons. Things were going great in the game for the guild, but my RL was a wreck. My wife hated EQ with a passion. She had even tried 24 unsuccessful times in 1 day to try to discover my password to delete Steelheart. If she wouldn't have been so serious about the situation it would have been Regardless of my RL probs.......things were going very well for the guild. We were starting to move up into the higher level raiding zones where the big raiding guilds were raiding and our name was becoming well known across the server. Little did we know that this was the calm before the hellstorm........

Grievance had become a stepping stone. We would guild new members, and when they hit the level cap would goto the higher level raiding guilds. It was a painful process to watch, but as i said earlier............we were well on our way to achieveing the same level of achomplishment as these other guilds. All we needed was a boost or an edge. Some sort of advantage to gives us that last little lift that we needed to be where we needed to be. It came in the form of Santa. By this i mean presents. A few of our core members quite accidentally stumbled across a game breaking bug. Not only could cash be easily duplicated, but items as well. You name could be duplicated. Kye problem. Staff of problem. Cloak of problem. It was the edge the guild needed to be equipped well enough to deal with the high end mobs. For the betterment of the guild i chose to turn a blind eye to it. If my members were to recieve anonomous gifts then who was i to dispute it. Sure enough.......we started to actually compete with some of the high end raiding guilds mob for mob. Months later i was actually told by a friend in TDE (the top raiding guild on our server) that they were predicting Grievance would become a threat to them for server dominance. We were truly rising toward the top of our game. Then disaster struck...........

I should have seen it coming. Those duping must have gone overboard. They attracted to much attention and were banned with extreme prejudice (I later found out a GM had caught 1 of them with 8 manastones in their bank). The blow to the guild was harsh. Serveral core players banned at once. To add to this Tras' RL wife decided to run off with my Shaman Classleader. You can only imagine the drama that the guild was plunged into. All this and my wife informed me that she was gonna leave me because of my addiction to EQ. In the past when she said that i always called her bluff. She wasn't bluffing this time. I had no choice but to quit EQ. I gave up leadership and quit the game.

The next day those of us that started this game together met in RL and decided to dabble in DOAC till SWG came out. SWG was just being talked about at the time and was due to come out soon (although they ended up pushing back the launch date almost a year). You wife didn't hate online games, she hated EQ. As odd as it sounds, all other games were ok with her (go figure women). It was during these 6 months that i dabbled in AO as well as DAOC. Neither game really peeking my interest. It was also during this time that my marriage became solid and my wife's fears of EQ disappeared (go figure women). So naturally after being bored for 6 months i reactivated Steelheart. My homecoming was quite surprising. Canamorti (then Tokemn) had held Grievance together through 5 guildleader changes until becoming a guildleader himself. Grievance had been through the ringer while i was gone, but he had been the glue and guiding light for those in Grievance to follow. I can not even presume to share his thoughts and stories here. I can only imagine the sheer determination of his part to keep the guild alive and even to this day i am forever in his debt for his courage and fortitude.

When i came back i had no desire to rejoin Grievance. Remember we had decided to play SWG when it launched. We talked and decided to merge Grievance into a guild called Steel Thunder. What a mistake that was. In less than a month due to internal leadership problems ST disbanded totally. Thankfully we had transferred Grievance leadership to my alt Airhead. Canamorti insisted that i take back the mantle of leadership. He had built a legend around myself and the others that left the game and would accept no other alternative. I contacted ex-Grievance members that had gone to other guilds while i was gone and brought them back into Grievance. We needed a good Main Tank so i contacted Tras and talked him into coming back and playing Murkk (his Warrior). It was here that i also met Niilia also for the first time. Overnight Old and New (new to me) Grievance became one and the results were positively amazing! We did many amazing things and life was good. Then Star Wars Galaxies came..........

The decision was made to disband Grievance and move to SWG. It was a chance to start anew in a brand new game. A chance to make a mark in unknown territory! To boldly go......... (oops....wrong show). Seriously we pwned that game To say we pwned it is being nice. We litterally bent the Radiant server to our will. As in most games we formed a PA (guild) and called this one Syn'di'cate (wouldn't let us spell it as 1 word), SYN for short. We correctly identified the economy as being the controlling factor in the game, so we decided to control it from day 1. We assembled many of the people we had gamed with over the years and brought most of them to SWG and met many new ones such as Aurian (caliet) & Kalon (Kalonere). We eventually built a guild of close to 400 members (remember....single character servers). The impact we had on the Radiant server even caught the devs offguard. We built two level 5 cities (biggest you could have) side by side and combined them into 1 huge city called Syn City. We totally controlled the economy just like we had planned too. We made our own rules and the server followed them. Those that chose to not follow the rules where banned from our merchants (all the good merchants were in Syn City). Players from all over the server (and in some cases other servers) congregated in Syn. At any given time you could find 40-60 players hanging out in the town green or in one of Syn's many cantinas. Multiple PAs built their guildhalls in Syn City. We had a whole divison run by Canamorti that literally harvested hundreds of harvesters to keep our city afloat. We had achieved control in this game in a way the developers had not forseen. We outlawed PvP in our city, and the server caved in to our demands in order to participate in our city. Yet we were not happy. The content in SWG was minimal at best and raiding was nonexistant. We would find ourselves spending litterally hours just standing in the town green doing nothing but talking to visitors and each other. EQ2 was on the horizon and we were finding ourselves hungry once again............

We started out with over 30 core members on day 1. Players who had played different games with us over the years joined us in EQ2. The decision was made to honor old Grievance in EQ1 by naming our EQ2 guild Grievance also. It just felt right Only this time with our past experiences under our belt we decided to create a family raiding guild. A guild with hardcore raiding rules, but could still maintain the family atmosphere that so many good players long for. Naturally we hit a few bumps in the road

To say we were prepared for EQ2 would be misleading. We beta tested it and had a decent idea of the game, but were off on a few things at launch. For one thing (after SWG) we expected the economy to have a bit more of an impact than it did so we actually had a strong division in the guild totally dedicated toward crafting. Although raiding is today and was back then the primary focus of Grievance, we felt strongly enough about crafting to focus part of the guild on it. As the guild turned and focused more and more on early raid zones the strong crafters began to fall off. The system just didn't work as well in EQ2 as it did SWG.

We also experienced a huge split 4 weeks into the game. Half the officers as well as many members wanted to abolish our family values. They wanted minimum raid attendance and also wanted to remove people from the guild that couldn't meet such attendance. Anything that didn't benefit them personally was seen as useless or a waste of time. Including fellow members that couldn't level as fast as they could. Their proposed solution to this was to set level limits and remove those that could not meet them at a certain date. This was unacceptable!!! Throughout our extinsive gaming career if there's one thing i've learned it's that you do not kick peeps for trivial reasons. Grievance was set up to be an honorable guild and to do this would have been very very dishonorable. Not liking my decision they left and joined another guild. Not one of those players still play today. They leveled up, got bored, and quit.

Grievance is honor incarnate. Everything is done with Grievance in mind. We may not be the first to do something, but rest assure we will do it. To better the guild as a whole is to better the individuals within the guild. By bettering ourselves we better the guild as a whole. It's a cycle that is successful and fullfilling. Our entire story is long and could never fit in to a telling twice this size. We have achieved the impossible...............a guild that maintains family values and still manages to raids hardcore. Through a dynamic leadership Grievance will persevere into greatness and legend. This is our story so far, and with all of you we will create new tales and legends to be told at future RL get togethers and be spun to song! It's not just a game dammit it's about family!!!

Only through perseverance can greatness be acheieved!

Canamorti's Story

"So naturally after being bored for 6 months i reactivated Steelheart. My homecoming was quite surprising. Canamorti (then Tokemn) had held Grievance together through 5 guildleader changes until becoming a guildleader himself. Grievance had been through the ringer while i was gone, but he had been the glue and guiding light for those in Grievance to follow. I can not even presume to share his thoughts and stories here. I can only imagine the sheer determination of his part to keep the guild alive and even to this day i am forever in his debt for his courage and fortitude."

Thnx bro .. we have been through alot as a guild, and not all the times were as good as they are now. You know I had only started playing EQ about 3 months b4 I joined Grievance. Getting into Grievance was just sheer luck .. I was to low to raid, and just a Pally to boot =P If it hadn't been for Tarien and Zrax hookin me up into RoKS, and then Steel wanting Brach in Grievance (she WAS a damn good Cleric =P) I may not have ever even been among the honored EQ Grievance. So From RoKS to Grievance I'm a youth with bright eyes to the new world of EQ, and in a great guild, with the sun before them. Course 2 months later there is the "incident" and in just 2 more short months I am promoted to Guild Leader. Whats an Epic again, and we need to do what now? Sadly the reason I was chosen to be the 6th GL since Steel left was due to a statement I made in the last officer meeting .. "I'll be the last person to wear the Grievance tag if I have too" lol .. The old GL said, "Well you said you'd be the last .. here it is" **Tokemn is now Guild Leader**. What a positive send off .. yeah we hope you do well too mate.

Well it was like all the parents and adults had suddenly left .. I remeber in a great hour of need I sent Steelheart a mail on the site .. hell I didn't even know who Steelheart even was really .. just some name from a legend .. and lo and behold I got a mail back .. I had that thing saved for a long time too. He basicly told me to allways do everything for your peeps .. never let them down, and remind them everyday that you believe in them and the guild. Well we never gave up, and steel finally returned. =P

Sooo .. shortly after Steel returned the decision was made to merge into Steel Thunder .. hey I said we survived .. I didn't say we flourished much .. lol. Basicly ST was a guild very much in the same position as we are in EQ2 now. ST was the 5th guild on 7th Hammer, and was raiding in PoP .. it was like leaving the front lines to go back home, a home that had flourished since the launch of the game. All the stress of the last 6 months just melted away as successful raid after raid went down w/o a hitch. ST really had their stuff together, and we just ate up every bit of knowledge we could. Then 2 months later ST decides to just disband .. good grief, good thing me and Steel felt so strongly about the grievance name; and our heritage, that we saved the Guild name on an alt. The rest of EQ is as we say .. history. Best part was epics were several expansion back from PoP .. soo a Pally it turned out was the best tank =P Never forget those Chardok raids .. hours to set up, and in the last hall .. I'm gettin pumped up to tank, and 1 of the 60 or so people forgets which is their left, and drops through the trap on top of the King .. LOL. Remeber how amazing it was to see hours of work and 60 raiders drop in like 5 secs? So 3 hours later after getting our corpses, and rez's ect, we troop home and vow to return =P That happened 3 times in all the times I did that raid .. but we got it dun for every cleric that wanted 1 that spring =P.

SWG .. now that was an interesting experience. LJAllstar's (then Ahrimano) brother in law was the Game Director, and we had alot of the inside scoop, nothing that broke the discloure clause, but things that set our imagination astir so to speak =P. After countless hours on the phone with my now best bud Steel =)~, talking about how important resource managment would be, I got stuck with the job of "getter dun". It was a full time job online lmao. I put in 40+ hours a week mining, tracking and grabbing samples. Then turning around and sending guild wide mails about reasource shifts, the stats, and locs i have found of high concentrations. Talk about pay off .. had the biggest city "complex" on the server, known anywhere we go .. hundreds of members .. and of course bored to no end lol

So here we are now .. 1 of the best, back in the guild we love. Each expansion has its trophy, the Prismatics. We now have our 2nd. We are a guild that has never given up and never lost belief that the sun is b4 us, the clouds only behind. We have so much before us, relic, p3's, ect and we're already well on our way.

This guild has much to be proud of, and over the years we have proven that a family can survive and flourish if you never forsake honor, or your friends.

Yukino's Story

So much history to go into. I joined Grievance in EQ2 after my former guild merged into Grievance in August or so of 2005. I'd played EQ1 until my eyes bled, more or less, and I was actually on the Radiant server that SYN was in SWG, although I'd never hooked up with the folks there and left somewhat early on. (Grr! A SYN harvester! Grr!)

But in Grievance, I found a home to play, surrounded by friends, family (and like all families, there was the occasional argument, sometimes serious - but you only get that mad at people you like /chuckle). But first and foremost, was a sense of community that was often lacking in any guild short of my very first EQ1 guild I'd ever been in - the willingness of folks to drop what they were doing, roll up their sleeves, and come and help when a member needed help.

When Steelheart's work schedule IRL started to have him absent, essentially, for weeks at a time in the late spring of '06, several of the officers (myself included at the time) started picking up the duties as we could. It was a stressful time for Grievance - some of our officer corps at the time had major RL issues with each other that were beginning to affect them, and the people around them. in game - and what I personally call the mid-expansion "doldrums" were setting in, the "I'm bored! I'm bored!" - when folks had gathered all the common equipment from the expansion, and raids were the only way to improve - and we were still on the catchup game, as our people weren't equipped in much Fabled of the previous tier yet, much less t7, so we were bleeding a lot in the catchup game. (Go, go, repair bills!)

Well, needless to say, things did eventually improve, but when we'd dealt with the drama and dealt with the frustrations of members during the Great Catch Up Run, between interest in the Vanguard Beta, casualties of guild drama, and simple boredom, (and Steel's RL work schedule), half of our officers were participating, and half were not.

Steelheart approached me in August of 2006 about taking Grievance for him, because he wasn't able (and, in fairness, hadn't been for months) to do the work involved with leading a raid guild with over 60 very active players. Grievance has always been organized along a quasi-military line, with the leader being the final word - listening to the advice of officers and members but in the end, that leader has to make the decision and stick to it - with total responsibility for his decision, which is a little spooky sometimes when you're trying to keep a guild with a lot of very individualistic players running.

I'd led a guild in EQ1. I'd led one in Dark Ages of Camelot. You'da thought I'd have known better, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. What the heck, I said, "Sure."

What then happened was something that spoke for the character of our members and officer corps, that I've NEVER seen happen quite that cleanly. The transition went smoothly, every officer, as well as our former guildleader, who stepped down did so voluntarily in the interests of the guild's smooth running, and we're still on good terms with the folks who no longer play any game, as well as the folks who went over to beta the Vanguard game and eventually started playing World of Warcraft. If you're ever interested in their side of our family, they're Grievance still over there on the Blackhand server.

Today, Grievance is a high end raiding guild that STILL keeps track of the family values at the core of our beliefs. We face some of the toughest critters in the game, with enough left ahead of us that there's still some exciting challenges ahead to conquer. At times, there have been "crises of the faith" between our intention to stay a "family guild" and still win the tough content at the end - sometimes, these have led to guild drama in the past, and I don't doubt it'll probably happen again eventually. However, Grievance, I think, has successfully struck the balance between these two ideals, and our members' willingness to work toward both of these things makes me proud to lead a guild of such folks - good times, headaches, and all.

WoW Grievance is born

"Steelheart approached me in August of 2006 about taking Grievance for him, because he wasn't able (and, in fairness, hadn't been for months) to do the work involved with leading a raid guild with over 60 very active players." ....... Yukino

Couple months had now past since leaving EQ2. My RL schedule had thinned out quite a bit and we were growing restless again. Rumors had been circulating about a game called Vanguard designed by the legendary Brad. Many of us held Brad to a legendary standard. After-all..............EQ1 was his baby from back in the day, and anything he touched would surely turn to gold............NOT! VSOH was a complete disaster. Nothing, and i mean nothing in that game worked like it was suppossed to. To make matters worse, the system requirements to run the game were so intensive that many of our peeps just could not play it. To do so would have meant spending well over a thousand on a new rig. Just about everything in game was borked in some way or another also. Crafting was so brutal that most players would have gladly shoved bamboo under thier fingernails rather than endure a moment more of crafting. We watched Grievance drop from 20+ active members online any given night to less than four online at night in less than a month. Just about every single promise Brad had made the community was broken, leaving most of us extremely disappointed. After six months of trying to make a broken game work, myself and most of those that were left swore off gaming and declared ourselves done!

It was during our time in VSOH that we met Bear & Syzz, two of the most giving and helpful players that i have ever had the honor and privledge to game with. Even though most of us had retired from the gaming world, some of us still hung out together in RL and talked about games past and games yet to come. Myself and my family would frequently visit Bear, and it was on one of these trips that i was introduced to WoW. Bear was actually going to show me the PoTBS beta, but the server was down so he logged into WoW to show me a bit of that game. Being a diehard EQ player i was a bit skeptical at first, but soon found myself enjoying yet another online game. After i left his house i went straight to Gamestop and picked myself out a copy.

It wasn't long after i started playing that WoW Grievance was formed. We utilized much of the current EQ2 charter for a starting point and then modified it slightly to fit the game. Old faces like Tras, Zrax, Trinadie (and her hubby), Kook & Kayt, Thelo, Canamorti (Kronicly in game) & even Kalon started playing it with us. Most of these players had left EQ2 Grievance due to RL constraints at the time and now found that they had more time to play another game. We set the guild up to be a family raiding guild just like EQ2 Grievance and began looking forward to our first raids. Soon we were doing 10mans and learning the ropes!

During all this, myself and Grenideer (the then current Guildleader of EQ2 Grievance) decided to bring the entire family of Grievance (both WoW & EQ2) closer together by merging both guilds onto the same vent server. It was a brillant idea that i can't take credit for by myself, and has contributed toward everyone feeling that they are part of something much bigger than just a game!

Unfortunately our euphoria was short lived. Several of those that had started playing with us once again were called to RL. In addition to this, some of the original founders of EQ2 Grievance (see above) started causing some of the same problems that they had caused in that game (you would think i had Soon we found ourselves right back were we had been four years previously, but in a different game. Many members were becoming disenchanted with the guild, as well as the game, due to this. With AoC on the horizon, over half the guild ended up departing for a different game (which lasted them a month) leaving Grievance a shell of it's former self. Most of us left didn't mind this and continued to play with long time friends just enjoying the game for what it was, knowing that when the time was right we could easily rebuild back into a great family raiding guild quickly if needed!

Today WoW Grievance is a successful raiding guild!

Steelheart Returns To EQ2

Sometime shortly after AoC launched, Grenideer called. He was sorely stressed out from running EQ2 Grievance and needed some advice. Yukino had just upped and disappeared three months prior, leaving Grenideer incharge of the guild. Grenideer was (and still is) a great leader and motivator, but had no stomach for the drama and politics that always comes with running any successful guild......especially a guild that successfully mixes family values and raiding. He was, quite frankly, at the end of his rope and in his words: About ready to just give leadership to anyone who would take it. We discussed who he could give it to, but as he had already figured out himself, there was no one ready to take over the mantle of leadership. In jest i offered to come back and lead again and he imediately took me up on it. At the time i was very apprehensive to do this because i had been gone from EQ2 for so long and much had changed. I suggested that i come back as an unknown alt so that i could help evaluate what was going wrong in the guild, at which point i could get a feel for things before stepping into those shoes once again. Grenideer wasn't sure about this and thought that me coming back would boost moral in the guild as a whole. To be honest i was hoping that i could help Grenideer fix the problems within the guild then return to WoW Grievance within a month or two. It didn't happen that way. I logged in Steelheart for just a few minutes to transfer some plat to the alt i had intended to use and was made Guildleader on the spot. Ironically, i thought that there would be a ton of upset members over this, but almost everyone was overjoyed to see me. Someone in guildchat even said something about a new era of Grievance was about to begin. Little did i realize what that would mean for the future of both Grievance guilds.

A week had passed and i was only just realizing just how bad things had gotten while i was gone. Once again, Kronicly (Canamorti) stayed behind to rebuild a guild (being WoW Grievance this time) while i took care of business. EQ2 Grievance was in horrible shape. It was amazing to see that such a successful raiding guild had so many problems. They had forsaken alot of the family values that had made Grievance Grievance. Best i can figure, the downhill slide had started with Yukino and had just gained momentum over the past few months. They were currently barely crewing out raids, and to make matters worse, most of the officers had alts better raid equipped then half the guilds mains. These were signs of true issues within the guild and needed to be corrected immediately. Unfortunately many of those that were reaping the benefits of said problems were officers and very vocal when i started putting things right. I'm not sure what they were thinking when i came back (something about a figurehead), but they got way way more than they barginned for.

You see, one of my core beliefs is that the Guildleader and the officership of the guild should ALWAYS be acountable to its membership. This means that EVERYTHING needs to be done fairly and openly. Guild policies should be in black/white, not shades of grey. Anything to the contrary will (and did) lead to distrust and loss of faith. Something those that put their own agends ahead of the guild's will never understand. Needless to say, within three months of me returning, twenty-two of our best geared players left and created their own guild. Naturally those that had been in charge when i came back put themselves in charge of their new guild.

Now both Grievance's were in the rebuilding

Actually the rebuild of EQ2 Grievance went alot smoother than the one in WoW had gone (took them a few months longer). We immediately appointed new officers to replace the old and started rading again the next day. Interestingly enough, many old members that had quit playing due to some of the unfairness that had been going on returned to the game within weeks of the split. Grievance was once again a family oriented raiding guild that held the player (as a person) above all else. Today we are once again a very successful raiding guild with many active members that each hold the same values dear to their hearts that Grievance was created with.

Grievance The Family

Currently Grievance exists in four games, and active in two. EQ2, WoW, VSoH (inactive), and Guild Wars (inactive). Somewhere along the line Grievance became more than just an idea and guild. It has become a way of life for many of us. Real life get togethers are held annually so that anyone involved in Grievance (past or present) in any game may meet fellow players from all walks of life. Some mebers have even started businesses together, having only met each other ingame previously.

Where will this all lead? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for us all ;)