Grievance FPS Divisional Charter

This Charter in no way supersedes the Grievance Organization charter. All members should make themselves familiar with that charter prior to joining Grievance!

Grievance has a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years. The leadership of the Grievance FPS Division has 12+ years of running FPS clans as well as competitive FPS leagues. Grievance is built on three basic principles: Family, Honor and Loyalty.

This charter can and WILL change as the clan grows and matures. The application & promotion process WILL become more complicated and harder as the clan grows. The Clan Leader reserves the right to make changes on the spot rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot if needed, in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.

Practice Times and Training
Practice times will be differentiate from week to week. At the beginning of each week a post will be made in the forums by the Captains of the different Clans (different games) listing specific practice dates. ALL league play members will be expected to attend these practices. If you are unable, or unwilling to attend at least 75% of these scheduled practices then you will not be allowed to compete in League play.

Clauses to be aware of……

Clan Leader Clause
The Clan Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the charter and policies of the clan and all games within said clan. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the clan as a whole in mind. The Clan Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the clan, clan forum section, charter, and/or anything pertaining to that particular game that Grievance FPS section is involved with.
Common Sense Clause
No policy is 100% safe from exploitation and the officers are here to make sure all things are done fairly. All changes made to the charter in this matter will be reviewed by the Clan Leader before being set in stone.

The Clan
The advancement of the clan is all-important. Clan progress is defined as: Being involved in scheduled practice events, helping out the clan with server and league fees, and helping others within the clan when in need. The Clan is only as good as the weakest member. It is important that we help each other with whatever we can, whenever we can.

Applying to Grievance FPS Division

Those who are interested in joining Grievance should first sign up on the forums at then post within the “Forum Registration / Applications” forum. This is a requirement for ALL future Grievance members no matter what Clan / Guild they wish to join. Once you have posted you can send a PM to the Clan Leader, Captain, or just wait until someone replies to your thread directing you on what to do next.

Requirements to join Grievance FPS Clan

- Applicant MUST register on the Grievance forums prior to invite.

- Applicant MUST be 18yrs of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real life friends / family.

- Applicant MUST have Ventrilo downloaded and able to fully communicate with other players!

- Applicant MUST have read the Grievance Organizational Charter AND this Charter prior to joining

All members will go through a three week recruitment period during which time they may join us on Ventrilo and get to know the other members of Grievance. Communication is extremely important in First Person Shooters and we have dedicated Ventrilo channels for you to use. This is to give us, as well as the applicant an opportunity to see if their membership into the clan is a good fit or not. Applicants found not to be a good fit will be notified and denied becoming a member into that particular game.
Clan Ranking Systems

Officer Ranks

Officers are appointed by the Clan Leader. The Officers of Grievance FPS are expected to work as a team at all times and make decisions for betterment of the clan as a whole. Grievance's FPS Officers will provide guidance and leadership to its members to help the clan achieve the goals that it has set forth. All decisions made by the officers will be in line with the charter and in the interest of fairness to Grievance FPS and its members.

Clan Leader (CL)
The Clan Leader is responsible for the overall smooth running of the Clan, the Clan forum, and anything else pertaining to the Grievance FPS section. It is the Clan Leader's responsibility to set ingame and out of game (if necessary) goals for the Clan to provide the proper direction and course for Grievance FPS. The Clan Leader has the final say so on all things pertaining to the workings of the clan and its membership. At any time the Clan Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other Officer position within the clan if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if said decision is deemed to be detrimental to the clan. As an extension of the overall Grievance Organization (Grievance Global Gaming), the Clan Leader is expected to operate and make all decisions with the betterment of Grievance as a whole in mind.

Executive Officer (XO)
The XO is literally a direct extension of the CL and only answers to the CL. The XO is in complete charge of the guild whenever the CL is not present and has the CL's authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the clan if needed. As with the CL, the XO can assume other officer positions if needed. The XO can override another Officer's decision (with the exception of the CL) if deemed necessary.

War Arranger (WA)
The WA is responsible for setting up and scheduling matches for each of the clans within the Grievance FPS division. Schedules will be posted in the Clan forum at least a week in advance of said matches. Match schedules must be submitted or spoken with the CL and the pertaining Captain in advance for approval before being submitted. The WA is considered the third in command of the entire Grievance FPS Division and is only answerable to the CL and the XO.

Recruiting Officer (RO)
The RO is ultimately responsible for the growth of the Grievance FPS Division and all matters pertaining to recruitment within the Division. It is the RO’s responsibility to indoctrinate new recruits into the clan by going over what is expected of them.

Each division (game) within the Grievance FPS Clan will have its own individual Clan Leader to direct and maintain their interests. These individuals are refered to as Captains. Captains are responsible for the members within their individual Clan as well as arranging/planning events and matches with the WA. It is important to note that Captains are considered direct extensions of the CL and XO and are only answerable to these two individuals and/or the Grievance Council.

Competitive Team Members
These members have met the qualifications to be considered active Competition Players. Said members will take priority and be chosen to participate in WARS before other members within Grievance. Any member may join the Competition Team as long as they are able to fully commit to it. Please be aware that leagues and ladders have a certain amount of players allowed per match so it is not a guarantee you will play all of the matches. Match participants will be decided by said team’s Captain.

Members are those Grievance FPS members that wish to enjoy the family aspect of Grievance without the obligations of having to practice and Match. At no time will Members be required to practice or Match unless they wish to. Members are more than welcome to come to practice and help out the Comp team as they practice for upcoming matches. If any member would like to be considered for the Comp Team please speak to one of the Officers or the Clan leader.
Upon acceptance, a new member is considered a recruit and has three weeks to meet certain clan qualifications. Recruits may join in Ventrilo and also play in practices.

Three Strike Rule

Strike one!
All members are allowed one free pass back into the clan (no questions asked) unless they were kicked out or left on bad terms. Said members will have to go through the recruit process again however. If after the 3 weeks they have shown they really want to be back then they will be let back in as a member. Any member that got kicked out and/or left on bad terms please refer below to "Strike two!". You used your first strike.

Strike two!
If a member has left the clan a second time ~or~ had been removed and/or left on bad terms. Said member must present his/her case in front of a board of officers (that must include the Clan Leader) to state their case for re-admittance into the clan. Said officers will discuss the applicant's case then the Clan Leader will make a decision based on the information at hand. As in the above paragraph, said member will have to go through the recruit process again

Strike three!
If any member has left Grievance FPS for twice for any reason other than RL circumstances or helping another recognized Grievance clan, then said member is not welcome back into the family and will be Life Banned from the entire Grievance Organization. Grievance does not believe in a revolving door policy and expects its members to think before they act too hastily when it comes to de-claning oneself. Said member may schedule an appointment during the next Grievance Council meeting if he/she desires to petition the Life Ban.

As always, The Council reserves the right to override any of the above for the betterment of Grievance.

Competition Team Requirements

- Attendance to practices is mandatory if you are online and classified as a comp player

- The Clan Leader, XO, WA, and Captains may schedule practices.

- Showing up late is fine if you let an officer know ahead of time

- Practices and Matches will be scheduled up to a week in advance.

General Match Rules

- If a Competition Member is found to be disruptive and/or uncooperative during a match, the Officers in the match have the right to speak with the member after the match to decide what his status for future matches will be. If this happens, the member may be subjected to Clan membership review.

Hacks and Cheats
Anyone who is caught hacking and/or cheating will be expelled from the Grievance FPS Clan and then banned from the overall Grievance Organization with extreme prejudice. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Showing up for scheduled matches and practices
All Comp Team members are expected to show up to matches and practices on time barring any RL circumstances that may not make this possible. Once roll call has been taken, members who were not chosen to play in said match may be chosen to play.

Only the Clan Leader, XO or sanctioned Officers (by the CL or XO) are allowed to lead official Clan matches. A Sanctioned Officer is defined as an Officer who has permission from the CL (such as a Captain) to lead said match.

Gaming divisions within the Clan

Anyone interested in running/starting up a Clan within the Grievance FPS Clan must contact the Clan Leader prior to any planning or arranging of said Clan. ALL Clans will need to be approved by the Council and Progenitor prior to becoming official Grievance Clans!