Grievance MOBA Division Charter


Effective as of the establishment of this charter, all games within the MOBA genre now fall under this charter and all current and future MOBA Division members must read this charter in its entirety as they will be subject to the rulings herein.


All members of the Grievance MOBA Division should be familiar with this charter and the Grievance Organization charter.


This charter will develop over time as the MOBA Division grows. In the event that an instance occurs that is not covered by this charter of the Grievance Organization charter, rulings will be made by the Division Leader, with approval from the Grievance Council if necessary. The Division Leader reserves the right to make changes at any time, in the pursuit of keeping this charter fair and relevant.





Within the MOBA Division each game will have a Squad. This is the equivalent of a Guild or Clan in other games. If a game provides the tools to maintain a rank/group structure in game, those methods will be used to manage each squad. The MOBA Division Leader will maintain ownership of all Grievance affiliated groups within each game. All squads must include an up-to-date listing of their current rank structure, practice times, game-specific policies, and other pertinent information on their sub-forums within the Grievance official forums.


Squad Leaders

In the event that a Squad becomes large enough to warrant its own specific leadership or a person of proper caliber is interested in taking on some of the leadership responsibility, the Division Leader may promote a member to the position of Squad Leader. This appointment must be done in writing and follow procedure according to the Grievance Organization charter. The Squad leader is subordinate to the Division Leader and accountable to both this charter and the Grievance Organization charter. Failure to recognize the authority of the Division Leader or to uphold the rules of either charter may result in immediate and non-negotiable removal from the position and, depending on the circumstances, the Squad itself.


The Squad Leader acts as an extension of the Division Leader and his or her rulings are to be treated as such. If any member wishes to discuss an issue concerning a Squad Leader, they must speak directly with that Squad Leader or the Division Leader. The Grievance MOBA division does not tolerate gossip or the undermining of our leadership and Squad spirit. Failure to uphold this policy is grounds for expulsion from a Squad and/or the MOBA Division.


Team Leaders

The squad leader may appoint any number of Team leaders necessary to properly organize play within their Squad. Team leaders are an extension of their Squad Leader and hold a similar responsibility within their respective teams. Team Leaders may not exercise the power of their position outside of the Team assigned to them by their Squad leader and may be immediately removed from their positions without question at the discretion of the Squad Leader. Squad Leaders must present the division leader with an outline of their plan and organizational goals before forming any teams or appointing Team Leaders. Team Leader is not a ranking Grievance position, it is way to organize and acknowledge those who have been chosen to help the Squad Leader within their game.



To become a member of a MOBA Division Squad, all members must meet the general requirements of Grievance. This includes:


Must be over the age of 18. Exceptions may be made for personal friends or family.

Must register on the Grievance forums prior to invite.

Must read both this charter and the Grievance Organization charter.


In addition, all members are subject to a four week trial period for each Squad they apply to. After the trial period, membership status is granted, provided that there were no issues that came to light during the trial period. The Squad Leader (if one is in place) reserves the right to deny membership after a trial period, but must present a case before both the potential member in question and the Division Leader. If no Squad Leader is established, the Division Leader must meet with the member and discuss the reason why membership is being denied. Denial of membership must fall under one of the rulings of the MOBA Division charter or the Grievance Organization charter.


All members have a right to participate in all Squad events, with the exception of ranked play as defined by this and individual Squad charters. No member may be denied a participating spot in said events based on anything outside of player number limitations or in-game requirements. If a member is denied a spot in a match due to player limitations, that member must be given top priority for the following match. In all cases, players who have not had an opportunity to participate during an event must be given priority over those who have already participated in an event. A member’s skill has absolutely no bearing on participation for said events.


All members must declare a primary MOBA Squad and prioritize that MOBA’s events over others when schedules clash.


Squad Charters

The Division Leader or Squads Leaders may, as necessary, outline game specific rules or policies in the form of a Squad charter. All Squad charters must be approved by the Division Leader and are subject to change in the same manner as the Division charter.


Squad Establishment

Anyone interested in starting/leading a Squad within the MOBA Division must first contact the Division Leader for approval. All newly formed Squads are subject to a three month period of monitoring and may be abolished at the discretion of the Division Leader. All Squads are subject to abolishment based on activity and will be evaluated on an individual and game specific basis.



MOBA games are in the unique position of constantly evoking strong emotions in players because of their highly competitive gameplay. Due to this fact, the majority of any MOBA Division TeamSpeak channels will be designated Rated M. However, each game will have at least one non-Rated M channel available for those who do not wish to hear Rated M language. The Rated M designation allows for the free use of swear words, but does not in any way condone or supersede the policies outlined in the Grievance Organization charter in regards to verbal harassment.


Specifically, any of the below types or commentary (verbal or written) are not tolerated and grounds for immediate and unquestionable expulsion from a Squad or the entire Division.


Bigotry - The intolerance of a person’s race, creed, color, gender, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Vulgarity - Tasteless, crude, or unnecessary sexual references.

Belittlement - Putting others down or treating them as beneath yourself. Verbally abusing other players.


Additionally, the Rated M designation applies only to TeamSpeak channels. No swearing of any kind will be tolerated in-game, whether directed against opposing teams or your own. All of the above policies also apply to in-game chat, forum posts, and any other written texts. At all times, our members are representative of the Grievance Organization and will act as such.


Any form of cheating, scamming, or other activities that break the law or the rules of a game are not tolerated and will result in immediate and unquestionable expulsion from a Squad, Division, and the Grievance Organization.


Ranked Play

Participation in ranked play within the MOBA Division is a privilege, not a right. All members who are interested in participating that meet in-game requirements to do so will be given the opportunity. Access to ranked play may be postponed if all ranked teams are full and the formation of a new ranked team is necessary. Failure to adhere to the guidelines for ranked play listed below may result in removal from any ranked teams. Please note that all the following guidelines are in addition to standard member expectations.


All ranked members are required to download and install TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak usage is mandatory in both practice and official matches.


There will be a minimum of one scheduled practice day per week. Scheduled practice days will be posted on Squad forums two weeks prior to the first practice day on the schedule and presented in four week blocks. If possible, all scheduled practice days should fall on the same day of the week, but exceptions may be made due to holidays or other Grievance Organization events. If a member is unable or unwilling to attend 75% of these practices, they will not be allowed to participate in ranked play. Squad Leaders will keep an up-to-date and accurate record of attendance for all ranked members. All ranked members must show up to scheduled practices on time and must contact a Squad Leader or the Division Leader in they are unable to do so.


More practice sessions may be added on a week by week basis, but they will not count either positively or negatively towards the attendance percentage described above. These sessions are mandatory if a ranked member is online at the time of the practice session.


A roll call will be taken at the start of each practice session. After the roll call, a player will be considered late or absent unless they have contacted a Squad Leader or the Division Leader prior to the start time of the practice. As always, real life comes first in Grievance and exceptions will be made for emergency situations. However, if a ranked member is continually calling out of practice due to real life issues, they may be removed from ranked play as they cannot meet the 75% attendance requirement.


Any ranked member who is uncooperative or disruptive during a match, will receive a two week suspension from ranked play. Upon receiving a third suspension, the member will be permanently banned from ranked play within that Squad. Squad leaders will keep up-to-date and accurate records of member suspensions. Suspension records will be wiped clean every two years (starting in 2015).



The Grievance Organization reserves the right to a small portion of the proceeds won in any tournaments or contests in which a ranked team is participating.