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Welcome to the Grievance Guild Wars 2 Affiliate.


     Content, balance changes, and patches galore! ArenaNet continues to make Tyria an ever evolving world. Since our last update, we've worked our way through the 8 bit world of the Super Adventure Box and battled the revamped dragon terror, Tequatl the Sunless. In October, strange rumors surfaced as Scarlet continued to cause trouble, this time in Twilight Arbor. As if that wasn't enough, the Mad King's son, Bloody Prince Edrick, was certainly a menace. Now, the krait and the Nightmare court have allied against Tyria, but we continue to hold the line in Kessex Hills. However, it's not all nightmares and terror... we all anxiously await the 6 week Wintersday festival and the return of Toymaker Tixx!

     As always, ArenaNet nurtures the Living World and each content patch further develops the story, making each character feel as if they're playing a vital role in its future. Not only is the immersive world ever changing, but they haven't neglected the technical side of the game. Fractal dungeons were updated at the end of November bringing new content within them. The December 10th balance update brought extensive class changes, new healing skills, and the ability for players to craft their own ascended armor! Additionally, a new WvW map was announced on October 18th. Player testing for this map will continue well into the first of the year 2014, but we're eager to see what the future holds. ArenaNet has said "feedback will determine the final version of the map."

    Grievance continues to tackle content and explore the exciting Living World of Tyria. In October, we hosted a Grievance Halloween Spooktacular with a challenging Scavenger Hunt, Jumping Puzzle race, WvW Tonic Run and of course, a raffle! We continue to cause Havoc across the WvW maps and we look forward to experiencing new content together.

- Ehvayne, Guild Wars 2 Guild Leader