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Embassies, Clans, & Guilds


Grievance Divisions are divided in to three categories: Embassies, Clans, & Guilds (Flagship Guilds).  The following is a brief explanation of each of these divisions.



An Embassy is a small group of players that enjoy playing together under the Grievance name.  These Embassies tend to be semi-active with many members playing in other games (Grievance Guilds) full time.  Most Embassies do not have a full rank / structure outside of their being an Embassy Leader.

The exception to this is that most Guilds start out as Embassies.  In order to become a Guild, an Embassy must meet certain qualifications (see Guilds).



Clans (Team Grievance)

Grievance Clans are basically Grievance Guilds within shooter style games.  These Clans are governed by an overall Grievance Clan Charter and managed by Grievance’s FPS Director.



Guilds (Flagship Guilds)

Grievance Guilds are large groups of Grievance members in specific games.  To qualify as a Grievance Guild, said Guild must have two or more groups of players online during primetime (primetime specific for that Guild) on a consistent basis.  These Guilds must also have a defined rank / structure (see Grievance Organization Charter) and an established Guild Charter as well.

Flagship Guilds are those Guilds that have three or more groups online during prime time and are currently raiding and/or actively partaking in organized endgame content.