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Welcome to Grievance Gaming's Final Fantasy XIV Affiliate.

     Well folks, some exciting things have happened in FFXIV:ARR recently. With the release of patch 2.1 we've seen a large amount of new content spread across all of Eorzea. Some of these things were quality of life improvements, like the auto sort function which now allows you to auto sort your inventory and your retainers’ inventory. Other things are fun, like the Crystal Tower, an engaging raid with 24 other players. The new mechanics introduced in Crystal Tower are Square-Enix's way of flexing their muscles, showing us what to expect in the future. Personally, I am pleased! Patch 2.1 also released new main story line quests which introduced new characters from the past again and lead up to a battle with the good King Moogle Mog XII.

     Of course, one of the hot topics for patch 2.1 is the release of guild housing. Grievance is working hard to continue to save enough Gil to purchase the largest plot size and a mansion to place on the land. The prices that Square-Enix set for the land was much higher than the community at large expected, and as such there haven't been many Guilds buying housing on Midgardsormr. Until everyone can save up enough Gil this will be the norm. I can tell you that Grievance is well on their way to earning enough Gil to purchase one in the near future, so stay tuned folks!   

     Of course, I can't forget about the release of player vs player: the Wolf's Den. I'm pleased with their release of PVP and am enjoying the new abilities that come along with it. Grievance has been pretty active in the Wolf's Den since its release and people are taking notice!

     These are just some examples of the exciting content that was released for us in patch 2.1. We also received: Extreme Primal battles, Beast Tribe quests, hard mode dungeons, dungeon roulette, increase to the myth tomb cap, increased guild level cap, added higher level guild buffs, added more side story quests, added cosmetic hair stylist guy (now you can change your hair style), and much more.
We currently have four raid groups progressing through the Binding Coils of Bahamut, getting our members geared up for the next phase of the coils, and continue to add more to our raiding force on a daily basis.

     I look forward to our many adventures to come and to see what Square-Enix has in store for us in the future. Until next time!

- Twistbeard, FFXIV Guild Leader