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Welcome to Grievance Gaming's Everquest Next Affiliate.

     As many of you know, my first MMO was the original EverQuest. Nothing could have prepared me for the total immersion of this game and the MMO genre in general. From this experience not only came a love of gaming, but the creation of an amazing organization as well: Grievance.

     In the next few months we’ll see the instalment of SOE’s next EverQuest title EverQuest Next Landmark (EQNL), which will be shortly followed by the actual game EQN around a year later. Once again, Grievance is ready to participate in this new re-imagined world and all of the new and exciting adventures that it will bring us!

     EQN:L will allow us to literally create a virtual world where almost anything is possible! Players will be able to create anything from shallow streams to massive structures. Basically if you can imagine it and have the resources, you can build it. Not only will players be able to create some pretty amazing things, they’ll also be able to see what their fellow players have created as well! This is because EQNL will be a persistent universe rather than an instanced one!

     Like in SWG, Grievance plans to be at the forefront of this community. By working as a team, we plan to do some epic things that will really show the rest of the community just what Grievance is capable of! So if you’re looking to scratch that EQ itch again; dust off that shield, sharpen that sword, and make sure to come join the original Founders of Grievance in this grand new adventure!

- Steelheart, Progenitor & Grievance Global Gaming, LLC Member

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