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Everquest II was officially launched by SOE on November 4th, 2004.Loosely based on SOE’s original Everquest franchise, Everquest II set players five hundred years in the future where the world of Norrath had recently been devastated by a cataclysmic event a hundred years prior.Unlike its predecessor, Everquest II divided players into two opposing factions.

Grievance’s Everquest II Division has been in existence since launch.Our Everquest II Division prides itself on commitment not only to its members, but to this incredible game as well.Currently the Flagship Guild of the Grievance Organization, this Grievance Guild not only has a vibrant in game presence, but is still raiding end game content to this day!Incorporating Grievance’s tenets of Family, Honor, and Loyalty have made for a great family friendly Guild that still manages to raid hardcore.

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