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Welcome to the Grievance Dragon's Prophet Affiliate Portal.

    Dragon's Prophet is an exciting free to play, action-based MMO-RPG like Tera or NeverWinter, only here you get dragons as both fighting companions and mounts. There are over 200 types, including those that are rare and legendary, over half of which can be captured by players. There are also vanity pets, titles and other stuff for completing zones and achievements. Collect enough titles and you can turn yourself into a vanity pet or even a dragon. Players can train dragons in their skills, use them to collect resources for crafting, and even be sent to collect gold after level 30.

    It is a slower level gaining game requiring more time to make levels like EQ, only not nearly as long as vanilla. There are 3 starting zones, all that can get you to level 30. There is only one zone for 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, and 60-70. Each starter zone has 3 short dungeons and about 11 events. The short dungeons are meant for soloing or a small group of 3 players. Events are static like GW2 with a short timer where you do something or kill stuff to gain experience. After level 30, there are three shorter dungeons and one big dungeon with at least 4 bosses. These Epic dungeons are very hard and usually take a full group of 5 to do them. Again, there are around 11 events for each zone.

    Dragon's Prophet was officially released on September 18th. It will raise the level cap to 80 and add 4 dungeons—three short and one hard epic level.

    Guilds are meant to be small in Dragon's Prophet. Right now our cap is 75 players; however, we have room for any new players interested. I am very proud that we continue to work very hard on gaining guild tech points for perks. We continually try to find new players so we can do more end game stuff that is a great deal of fun. Perks can be used from player buffs, increasing players in guild, or even using an altar for epic boss fights. Also guilds will soon be able to fight for citadels to control the housing area in massive PVP fights and collect taxes from the player residents. Homes are varied from cheaper apartments to big mansions. Almost everything in my mansion was crafted by my character. Come by and check it out - both my home and Dragon's Prophet!

- Peete, Dragon’s Prophet Embassy Leader