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Welcome to Grievance Gaming's World of Battlefield 4 Affiliate.

Battlefield 4 is in high gear! October 29th was the big day for the Battlefield 4 release and December 3rd China Rising expansion came out with a lot of goodies! We currently have 2 servers one is a 64 man server for Conquest matches and we have a 32 man server that is setup for domination matches. Any grievance members can always request a map or match if need be! Battlefield 4 has brought back the old Battlefield 2 Commander mode and is better than ever before! Battlefield 4 has a lot of customizations for guns and camouflage. Anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Battlefield 4 also has monthly events that Grievance participates in! See you on the Battlefield!
- Naudica, Battlefield 4 Clan Leader