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 Welcome to Grievance Gaming's Wildstar  Exile Affiliate

WildStar Exiles

     ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Everything was vaporized, even the mouse.
The dirty socks were hung, on a tree without care,
In hopes of a passing Aurin would feel the trees despair.
The Chua’s were entrenched, fortifying their beds,
While visions of explosions’ danc’d in their heads.
And Mama in her Mech Suit, slowly clanked off to rest,
Dreaming of the new recruits, trying to pass their test.
When out on the lawn there came a dark matter,
Space zombies dropping their arms in such a clatter.
My eyes could not believe what else could appear,

Like drunk Granok’s, riding eight small reindeer.
Now it’s time to say, to make everything clear,
My lawn was trashed, everything I held dear.
Until a moment later, when the Mechari police came down,
Blasting their lasers, causing me to frown.
Scaring away the drunks, was all very well and good,
But where my house was, now nothing there stood.
So the night before Christmas, all through the ruins,
I should of gone home, and stayed with the Humans.

     Merry Christmas cupcakes.

- SoulGuardian, WildStar Exiles Guild Leader*


 Welcome to Grievance Gaming's Wildstar  Dominion Affiliate

WildStar Dominion

     Hello fellow Grievance members! The holiday season is upon us all and I send to you all happy tidings during this wonderful time of year!

     Exciting things are happening in WildStar! Yes they are! (Hey that rhymes, hah!) Winter is Coming! Winter beta is opening up and there are a few that are taking a look into this upcoming MMO. By the time you receive this newsletter we should have the official announcement of the final two classes and how excited are we!

     I hope we can get as many people into the beta as we can, but I caution you … do not burn yourselves out prior to the official release. Try to keep it fresh and fun, don't turn it into a job. I look forward to testing the content out with you fine folks and I hope you feel the same way. Get a feel for each of the classes, pick the one that fits you the best. Have fun with it! Because it's a beta, remember that it will be buggy. Turn in the bug reports so Carbine can fine tune the game. Also realize that the game is not fully optimized for the computer systems yet, that's one of the final tasks ahead for Carbine. There will be lag, disconnects, and slow frame rates – but hey! It's beta, just a bit more polishing and we are off.

     Speaking of the guild, I’m happy to introduce the recruiting officer for the Dominion – Killam!

     Killam has had previous experience as the RO for the SWTOR Republic guild. I know he did a great job in the past and I expect that he will continue to bring that level of excellence to the Dominion. As always, all the help that can be given to keep the recruiting posts current will be greatly appreciated. Together we make this guild amazing!

     Thank you all and see you on Nexus!

- Kannon, WildStar Dominion Guild Leader*